Executive Chef

I have over 20 years experience as an Executive Chef and I have also worked as a Head Executive Chef for Hotels, Resorts, Catering Halls, Restaurants, Private homes.

Specialised in fresh food preparation in a wide range of international cuisine for example Lebanese, Italian American, Greek, Spanish, and others.

I maintain highest possible standards at all times while maintaining good financial margins and moving businesses forward in a fun environmental way. I have achieved goals and identified areas of opportunities to maintain 100% Gold Standard levels, followed the required plans and achieved excellent results that met the client's standards. Established protocol for new ideas when creating new menus for different kinds of functions.

Strong expertise as a head chef and supervising in the field of hotels and food hospitality management/restaurants/private chef in the States and other countries around the world. Responsible for menu planning, food preparation, food purchases and supervising shift personnel, this includes food cost and organising meetings for future functions like large Banquets, Weddings, Receptions, Parties and other functions, between 10 to100 &150 to 1500 guests.

I believe a person must give from the heart and love his /her job to be successful in life. I am confident in my profession and continue to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.
The results will speak for themselves.

"I believe the eyes are the key of impression, when presenting a plate, the eye eats first…"

Hotels Awards & letters

Magazines interviewed (food magazines.)
Letters from clients
Chef Awards from Radisson Inn for 8 years

Total Experiences 20+ years
Nationality American/ Lebanese

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